Livestock Bedding

SML’s premium grade chipped wood is an excellent straw alternative and ideal material for keeping your stock warm and comfortable this winter, particularly post calving. Our product comes pre-dried, which is critical for maximum absorbency and bacteria control. Our thick chip size provides optimal excrement drainage, preventing disease and protecting overall animal health. Once used for bedding, woodchip can be composted and, once fully broken down, added to the land.


Quality Mulch

SML can produce large and reliable quantities of mulch by the cubic meter for your next landscaping project. Mulch retains water and helps to sustain growth over the drier months, it protects the soil from erosion, capping and contraction by wind and rain and enhances soil condition by adding beneficial nutrients which promotes the overall health of your plants. Made from a bi-product of the forestry industry, SML mulch is pine-based meaning it decomposes slowly, reducing the need for re-application.



There are many advantages to landscaping with SML woodchips, they are a sustainably sourced natural pine product and come in thick cuts which ensures long lasting protection for your soil. A layer of wood chip around plants provides natural texture and contrast, it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also retains water from the ground, minimising evaporation. Pine chip is renowned for its longevity, a 4-inch deep layer should last for at least three years before needing a top up.

Chipper Hire

If you have a large amount of wood to process, SML’s purpose-built American Bandit Chipper is available for hire at an hourly or daily rate pending the scale of your job. This is a heavy duty, powerhouse whole tree chipper which easily handles large material, hastening your wood chipping project considerably. The machine is safe, low maintenance, durable and reliable, it gets the job done, quickly and efficiently.

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