Steve Murphy Limited

Steve Murphy Limited is a privately owned logistics business with 40 year’s experience within the Canterbury region.

Our business is providing supply chain solutions for forestry, bulk commodity markets and an evolving bioenergy wood products division. Our commitment to our clients is to provide services they can rely on, be happy to be associated with and backed by the performance of our people, systems and equipment.

Transport Solutions

SML has one of Canterbury’s largest fleet of logging trucks to meet the transport needs of the region’s forest estate owners and managers. We pride ourselves on our equipment presentation and modern trucks & trailers. The variety of truck and trailer combinations, that include HPMV units, self-loading and Binwood trucks, ensure that we have the right equipment for every job.

Our bulk trucks service our sawmill and landscape products supply customers. Our aim is to maximise the utilisation of our vehicles and to offer our customers with a competitively priced and highly dedicated service.

We use hook bins and trucks to collect and transport post-harvest residues from our client’s forestry production sites. This helps to avoid environmental issues in adverse weather events and recovers material that can be used as bioenergy and landscaping products.

On-going re-investment in vehicles and equipment capable to meet our customer needs provides the best environment for our staff to work effectively and safely.

The truck fleet is complimented with wheeled loaders and specialised equipment to transport and load a wide variety of products.

Safety and Training

SML places high value and focus on providing a safe workplace and culture for all our staff, industry partners, clients and the public.

There is no task so urgent that it cannot be done SAFELY

Steve Murphy Limited maintains a “nil tolerance” policy when it comes to the safety of it’s staff and contractors. High standards are set and maintained through a dedicated team complimented by a comprehensive safety system which has been developed internally within SML’s software package Trackit.

In addition to maintaining these standards Steve Murphy Limited was proud to be awarded the winner of the ACC Workplace Safety Award for the Champion Canterbury Business Awards in 2017.  SML continues to maintain ACC Fleetsaver Gold status and is an active member of the Log Transport Safety Council and Road Transport Forum New Zealand

As part of SML’s system management our compliance team maintain and build on our ISO2001:2015 accreditation to ensure we are providing an auditable, sustainable solution for our customers each day and into the future.

We are a community based business and work closely with supporting Charitable Trust Foundations.  As part of this we are proud to be partnered with Matariki Forest in Canterbury in conjunction with the Sheffield, Glentunnel and Ashley school in providing the students, teachers and parents education about sharing the road.  NZ Trucking has played an integral part within this by supplying the NZ Safety Truck and resources throughout these programs.  Go to for more details.

We have an active drug and alcohol policy where all staff undergo pre-employment testing and ongoing random testing for 100% compliance.

The company also provides an occupational assistance programme for staff requiring independent support and guidance.

All drivers are required to undergo training and to maintain guidelines as set out during the induction process which establishes minimum standards. All new driving staff immediately begin their National Certificate in Transportation training and normally complete the training within 2 years.

Wood Products and Biomass Supply

The release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is scientifically proven to be the cause of the earth’s rising temperatures and this effect is called global warming or climate change. Climate change has become a serious concern for governments, consumers and business. Most of the world’s governments have signed binding agreements to significantly reduce their nation’s carbon emissions. Businesses are making similar commitments.

Energy derived from wood (commonly known as Biomass) is a carbon neutral and renewable alternative to fossil fuels.

  • Renewable: Once cut down, a tree can be re-planted in its place
  • Carbon neutral: Burning wood releases CO2 that has been captured in the tree’s growing process. Burning fossil fuel releases new carbon into the atmosphere
  • Locally sourced: Using wood from local supply reduces transport costs and associated transport carbon emissions

SML is a producer and logistics supplier of Biomass. Our purpose built European woodchipper can produce quality woodchip/biomass on forestry or farm sites. Our fleet of bulk trucks can meet all woodchip/biomass transport needs.

The woodchip/biomass that we produce can be used for bioenergy, animal bedding or as a landscaping product.

Wood Products Produced:

  • High Quality Wood Chip
  • Mulch for Landscaping and Animal Bedding
  • Unprocessed Bark

Contact us to discuss our onsite wood chipping capabilities or woodchip/biomass supply.

Logistic Management Information Systems

TrackIT is a subsidiary business of SML. TrackIT uses an Android based platform that has been developed by SML to collect and track data for production, stocktaking and allocating products to meet delivery expectations. The system is fully integrated with production sites, dispatch and GPS managed delivery vehicles to ensure customers have real time information. Electronic dockets are created and tracked throughout the supply chain to include invoicing, daily reconciliations and reporting.

TrackIT has modules for Health and Safety reporting, Workshop Job Tracking  and Asset Management.

TrackIT is an ideal management software solution for industries that deal with bulk commodities. Contact us for a demonstration of the system.