SML have developed an innovative logistics management system known as TrackIT. This web based software is ideal for fleet managers looking to monitor their stock, vehicles, or personnel. You can track your assets in real time, or review historical records, all from one easy-to-use management system.


Below is a non-comprehensive list of assets you can monitor with TrackIT:

  • Stocktaking data
  • Dispatch Planning
  • Vehicle Utilization Reporting
  • Invoicing
  • Workshop Management
  • eDockets
  • Remote Customer Access
  • Product allocations
  • Personnel Location/Location History
  • Vehicle Location/Location History
  • Driver Behaviour – Speeding, Harsh Cornering
  • Fuel Usage
  • Failed Checklists
  • Maintenance Reminders
  • RUC Reminders
  • Completed/Outstanding Jobs
  • WOFs, COFs, Regos, Odometer Readings, Services and mileage

TrackIT is a powerful tool for improving efficiency and comes highly recommended by a number of local Canterbury businesses. Contact the TrackIT team today for a demonstration.

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  Chris Murphy (Managing Director) 027 432 8493
  Rachael Mahan (Systems Manager) 027 481 4514

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