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Climate change has become a serious concern for governments, consumers and businesses globally. World leaders have signed binding agreements to significantly reduce their nation’s carbon emissions and we are now starting to see local businesses making similar commitments.


As a part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, SML has expanded to the production and logistical supply of biomass, a renewable, carbon neutral, wood fuel made from the by-products of the forestry industry.


To meet the anticipated demand, SML has formed strategic partnerships with suppliers of biomass fibre to secure long term supply agreements that can be maintained and built on for the future. Our suppliers are well established forestry owners and managers within the Canterbury region. Our partners consist of Rayonier Matariki Forests, Forest Management Limited, Laurie Forestry Limited, and multiple other local suppliers that have suitable merchantable resource available.


SML is a member and accredited wood fuel supplier of the Bio Energy Association. Our purpose-built American Bandit Chipper produces quality biomass at a grade and specification to meet customer needs. As an added value process within this division, we have other products that are produced that enable us to supply bark and mulch to local garden and landscape suppliers.

Our product lines consist of:

  • High Grade Wood Chip for Biomass
  • High Grade Mulch for Biomass
  • Mulch for Landscape suppliers and Animal Bedding
  • Screened Mulch for selected Markets
  • Unprocessed Bark for Garden Makers
  • Screened Bark for selected Markets

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