Steve Murphy Limited

Steve Murphy Limited is a privately owned transport company specialising in Forest Industry Logistics.
The company is based in Kaiapoi, North Canterbury providing transport and logistics for key customers and stake holders in the region.
Our commitment to our clients is to provide service they can rely on, be happy to be associated with backed by performance of our people, systems and equipment.

Transport Logistics

TrackIT NZ Ltd is a wholly owned company of Steve Murphy Ltd providing forest logistics, planning and transport scheduling.
TrackIT NZ Ltd was established to provide a business platform that manages all aspects of planning and transport of our clients products.
The initial concept of providing an integrated transport dispatch service has evolved into one of the leading edge logistics services systems.
TrackIT uses an Android based platform with purpose built software to collect data from client source applying this information to warehousing allocating product to meet delivery expectations.
This system is fully integrated with production sites, SML dispatch, GPS managed transport through to creating invoicing for daily reconciliation.
Access to TrackIT reports for our clients through the website has proved to be a useful business tool in providing transparency for work in progress.

Health & Safety

Steve Murphy Ltd places high value and focus on providing a safe workplace and culture for all our staff, industry partners, clients and the general public.
There is no task so urgent that it cannot be done SAFELY
Steve Murphy Ltd maintains a Tertiary ACC level of accreditation in conjunction with the ACC WSMP combined with Gold Fleet saver status. The company is also ISO 9001 accredited.
We have an active drug and alcohol policy where all staff undergo pre-employment testing and ongoing random testing for 100% compliance.
There is zero tolerance for non-compliance with consideration to off-site rehabilitation for individuals on a case by case basis. The company also provides an OCP programme for staff requiring counselling.
All drivers are encouraged to undergo training and to maintain guidelines as set out during the induction process setting out minimum standards as a base line. Driving staff completing 2 years continuous service will achieve their National Certificate in Transportation of Logs by Road.

Our People

Steve Murphy Ltd is fortunate to have many long serving committed staff.

Their commitment and capabilities are the heart of our business, working together for a good outcome each day and encouraging others to be a part of that culture.
Our goal is to provide a work environment that recognises individual performance, a collective approach to best work practices and providing modern well maintained equipment suitable for the task.

Our Equipment

Steve Murphy Ltd operates a modern diverse well specified fleet of trucks and trailers. Continued re-investment in plant and equipment capable to meet our customer needs provides the best environment for our staff to work effectively and safely for our business and chosen field of operation.
The truck fleet is complimented with several wheeled loader and excavators as well as specialised equipment to transport and load a wide variety of products.